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The list of relevant things I'd like to see written on my grave:

1. I can't believe Naya Rivera and Demi Lovato got to kiss before Chris Colfer and Grant Gustin.
2. I'm still bitter that Smooth Criminal wasn't a Kurtbastian duet.
3. I cannot believe Quinntana got canon and Kurtbastian didn't.

While you focus on these very important topics, I'd also like to inform you that I make gifsets, manips, icons and stuff. I also write fics. And I want you to know that I suck very much at all those things.
In the meantime I do have actual stuff to take care of daily in real life, but why does it matter when I could sit here and dedicate my time to Chris Colfer, Grant Gustin, Dianna Agron and Heather Morris? If you still haven't figured out the dom/sub innuendo in my Colfer's Gustin nickname and you're realizing just now, I'll be very disappointed.
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Hello gleeks and soccer fans!

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I’m working though. I’m also up for requests. I’ll work hard for you, you won’t regret :3 
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