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The list of relevant things I'd like to see written on my grave:

1. I can't believe Naya Rivera and Demi Lovato got to kiss before Chris Colfer and Grant Gustin.
2. I'm still bitter that Smooth Criminal wasn't a Kurtbastian duet.
3. I cannot believe Quinntana got canon and Kurtbastian didn't.

While you focus on these very important topics, I'd also like to inform you that I make gifsets, manips, icons and stuff. I also write fics. And I want you to know that I suck very much at all those things.
In the meantime I do have actual stuff to take care of daily in real life, but why does it matter when I could sit here and dedicate my time to Chris Colfer, Grant Gustin, Dianna Agron and Heather Morris? If you still haven't figured out the dom/sub innuendo in my Colfer's Gustin nickname and you're realizing just now, I'll be very disappointed.
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I don't like you | Fun, I don't like you either.

Wedding Panic by colfersgustin
Kurt freaks out during the wedding preparations and Sebastian tries to calm him down.

Wedding Panic by

Kurt freaks out during the wedding preparations and Sebastian tries to calm him down.

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Jérémy Ménez’s fantastic goal during Parma - Milan on 9/14/2014

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Romantically Speaking Masterpost


Romantically Speaking is a family friendly romantic comedy directed by Ron Oliver and produced by Lincoln Lageson. [x]

Genre: Romantic comedy

Synopsis: TBA

Cast: Heather Morris, Jonathan Bennett, Teri Polo, Carly Steel, Oscan Nunez, Jordan Black, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Jake Thomas, Tom Kiesche, Brandon Jay McLaren.

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Glee Season 6 Masterpost


Everything we know until know about Brittany on Glee Season Six.

  • Brittany won’t appear in 6x01 (Loser Like Me). Apparently, Santana, Mercedes and her are still on a six months tour (there will be a time jump of six months between events at the end of Season 5 and Season 6).